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Hi, welcome to Better Together Kitchen. We are both passionate foodies and love making healthy, nourishing food that is both beautiful and simple. We especially love fresh, seasonal produce and have a penchant for a great salad. We both love feeding our large families and our idea of bliss is a table full of delicious, wholesome, fresh food and sharing it with people we love.

We met each other in 2014 through a kitchen garden school program and immediately connected over our shared philosophy on food and the way we use it to express our love. Soon after, we started running cooking workshops together and the rest is history. Our Art of Salad Making workshops gained a cult following and we quickly discovered that we were Better Together.

After many requests from participants we collated our favourite recipes into our first book - Better Together Kitchen. It was released in 2018 and has become a favourite resource of healthy, tasty and fuss free recipes for the everyday cook. Following its success and the hundreds of meals we have prepared and cooked in lockdowns we felt inspired to create a second book. Better Together Kitchen 2 has just been released into the world and we are so excited about it. All of the recipes in our books have been tried and tested many times and they are the ones we make at home every week for our families.

Our hope is to continue welcoming more people into our Better Together community to and empower, inspire and teach people to create beautiful, wholesome and nourishing food for their family and friends. We believe that sitting around the table sharing a meal is one of the most powerful ways to heighten our sense of belonging and connect with loved ones.

We are very proud of our partnership with The One Box www.theonebox.org.au. Every copy of Better Together Kitchen sold supports a box of fresh produce for an Australian in need. Our mantra and slogan Better Together has never felt more true and our 4 pillars remain steadfast. Connect. Inspire. Nourish. Give Back.

Big love and happy cooking.
Ronnit and Delia x